About Company

Company Halud.ee LLC is located in Läänemaa County, Hanila field, Vatla village.

Our main business area is processing timber (logs 3 meters) into split firewood, which we sell primarily in the Lääne and in the Pärnu County. Larger orders will be delivered all over Estonia.

Our mission is toprovide high-quality dry firewood.We are committed to fast and quality customer service. We handeled orders every day by email or phone. Transport of firewood will be arrenged within two days.

Company's primary product is split firewood (trees with a fireplace and stove), which are arranged inspace, aswe sell, bulk space and 40 liter mesh bags - according to Your request. Next to our main activities, we provide customer service forthe transport of trees according to the customer's desired location.

Our company's motto is"Dry firewood all year round!"

Logs and firewood

Halud.ee OÜ
Sale: +372 5664 3973
Office: +372 508 8299
fax: +372 442 6326
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